Ideas in Development

Working across a variety of disciplines and industries, our favourite projects let us collaborate with our clients and partners from concept to launch (and beyond). Our mission is to enable you to achieve yours.


This is New Zealand online. We developed the first social network for and based in New Zealand that combines business and social at a whole new level.

Hosting websites, online stores and professional blogs; which are all accessible with one account.

CU2 is New Zealand’s premium all-in-one digital platform with the tools to build an exceptional online presence, easy as!


We built this platform for people to discover great local businesses, services and events.

What’s going on in your neighbourhood?


We help create successful strategies, products and services. For every imaginable user and across any channel.
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Getting your business off the ground starts with an idea and using Business Design Principals Creative Dutchman helps you convert your idea into real business value. We know launching is hard, so we work with efficient strategies to bring ideas to life.


A brand is more than a marketing tool; it’s the way the world perceives your company.
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Effective branding is a cornerstones of a viable marketing strategy and foundational to a successful business strategy. An essential tool in growing your business.

Effective branding creates an enduring perception in the minds of your customers and distinguishes you from your competitors.


Marketing is more than choosing colours and fonts, effective marketing is tailored to your target audience. Research is key to designing an effective marketing strategy.
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As a company you want to make sure that any marketing you invest in has a specific purpose and anticipated ROI.

Who are your products and/or services designed for? What is their preferred channel of communication (e.g. digital or traditional)? Would an online ad across social media platforms or Google be more effective than an advert in a local newspaper?

Creative Dutchman can help you design and execute an effective marketing campaign aligned to your business strategy.

The Journey

Working hard to make the internet a better place for a better experience.

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Kia ora! Please continue to my new website if you live and do business in New Zealand. 

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